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Teacher Spotlight: Rachelle Tratt

We met Rachelle Tratt nearly 10 years ago through fellow Yoga Wake Up teacher Sophie Jaffe and were immediately overwhelmed with the joy and free spirit that she embodies on and off the mat. Rachelle is the biggest and best hugger! She exudes warmth and even though she hails from the east coast she's got major Cali girl vibes!

Rachelle, who also founded The Neshama Project, an accessories brand near and dear to her heart and Israeli heritage, lives and teaches in Venice. Find her at The Yoga Collective where her flow classes there are all about freedom of movement and self-expression. When she's not teaching, she's with her best girl pup, Bailey.

Next Friday, April 5, we're thrilled to have Rachelle leading our MOONRISE class at Goldthread HQ in Santa Monica. Laughter and dancing will ensue! Find out more.

Now without further ado...

Getting to know Rachelle Tratt


wake up. say thank you. put my feet on the ground and say a little prayer. and get the dog in bed for a major cuddle session and then start the day - usually followed by a walk for coffee by the beach with the pup.


because it keeps me sane

because it holds me accountable to my word

because it keeps me in integrity

because it helps me fall more in love with my body and my life


gratitude list.

recite a prayer that I have said since i was little.

WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU? all info here and here.


needs to have a beat that moves my soul - I need rhythm so that when I close my eyes, my breath becomes more alive and my body wants to move and dance.


FEEL VS How it looks


every little bit counts and every little bit makes a difference

when we can learn to say thank you for the blessings

thank you for the challenges

thank you for the beautiful mess that is this thing called life and love and to understand that we are continuously learning, growing and evolving

and and that we are here to give, support and love and love some more

this to me is spirituality

this to me is a yoga lifestyle

Rachelle's wakeups on the app include Purple Wakeup (an ode to Prince), Mornin' Vibes and Woke Up Like This. All of them get you up and MOVING, sensually and freely, so you can start the day FEELING your body, feeding your soul.

Want to get to know Rachelle better? Follow her on Instagram at @wild_brave_soul.

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