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A letter to you... on International Women's Day!

As an entrepreneur, managing my energy is everything! As we celebrate all of our women today and this month in honor of International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to appreciate you. Your wins, your willingness, and your courage to keep on keepin’ on even on the days where you feel overwhelmed!

We’re in this together... and we’re all just doing to the best we can AND, the gentler we can be with ourselves the more we can learn to cultivate our energy reserves in a more powerful way!

So now, a little about how to manage our energy!! ;) Imagine you could repurpose your stress as fuel? Are you craving more energy? Well all of that energy we put into worry and anxiety gets blocked and stuck and can actually be alchemized in the most powerful way to use as inspiration.

I’ve dedicated my life to HeartRise because the method is too compelling not to share... It's the most immediate and impactful way to take your doubts, fears and thoughts that don’t serve you and move them through your heart’s alchemical engine to reuse the energy in a meaningful way!

It also supports you in anchoring your vision and staying true to it, even when the outside noise can be distracting.

Did you know that your heart’s electro-magnetic field is powerful enough to light up a small city? Are you tapping into this massive resource? If not, lets get you started!

When we begin our morning anchoring in our heart, we begin to harness this energy. Upon rising, before you check your phone-- settle in, close your eyes and bring your hands to lay over your heart center. Now, feel for your heartbeat and breathe. Imagine coming home to your natural rhythm and plug in here. Breathe. Long, deep, expansive, empowering breaths.

Now as you set your intention for the day, breathe into it with heart vision... fully SEE it with heart vision as you breathe, now with heart focus, FEEL into it fully... As you allow the feelings to breathe and expand, with heart knowing now FREE all of it- as you open to this powerful heart energy this ‘RISE (Radiant, Integral, Soul, Energy) and with heart wisdom FLOW now... let this heartfull energy wash over you like waves. Feel the rhythm of your heart. SEE your intention. Smile and remember how powerful you are when you lead from this space.

To all of my badass braveheart Women out there, You Got This!

Together We RISE!

If you want to learn more about HeartRise- check out our new online course beginning May 4, 2019- you can now learn the method wherever you are in the world!

And listen to my HeartRise meditations here on our fave, Yoga Wake Up!