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Tidying Up: 7 Wakeups to De-clutter and Create Space

Yoga is all about creating space. On the mat, we create space in our body by breathing—we create space in the chest, the back, the belly, the ribs. And as we breathe into different parts of the body, we start visualizing our body as a vessel for our breath (DoYouYoga.com).

When we practice yoga regularly, we are bringing more space into our lives, creating flexibility in our minds and bodies and opening up to care for others, to feel connected to ourselves and to the universe. This space that we free up in our minds enables us to listen to ourselves and to others. It gives room for wisdom.

Spring is almost upon us and we're tidying up around here, so we've rounded up our favorite wakeups on the app for creating space! Play these often and cultivate more space in your heart, mind and body to create.

Lindsey Valdez, photo by Matteo Photography

7 Wakeups for Cultivating More Space

1. Pranayama by Derek Beres

Nadi Shodhana, or alternate-nostril breathing, is a type of pranayama that balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain and has a calming effect on the nervous system while creating a more alert mind. It cleanses the channels of the subtle energy body by removing energetic blockages along the nadis (channels) that correspond to the nerve ganglia on either side of the spinal cord.

This is a concise (8 minutes) breathing sequence that will balance you and provide clarity upon first waking up!

2. Mindful, not Mindless by Mark Berger

Start your day with a gentle reminder to put down social media, which can easily clutter our thoughts, and mindfully create some space.

3. Calm Your Mind by Sarah Beston

This short meditation starts with a body scan to move attention from the busyness of our heads to the sensations of our body to create more presence and ease.

4. Svadhisthana "Sacral" Chakra Meditation by Ali Owens

The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is also known as the creativity and sexual chakra. Situated above the pubic bone and below the naval, this chakra is our creative energy center where we connect to our deepest desires and develop a sense of self.

Awaken your creativity with this meditation, which can be done anytime throughout the day!

5. A Reiki Morning by Justin Randolph

This guided meditation is infused with reiki healing and will provide balance, harmony and healing energy that you can send to anywhere you need it inside your body. It is wonderful when dealing with anxiety, depression or racing thoughts.

6. Awaken Your Creativity by Rebecca Hajek

Feeling stuck or stagnant? This "Get Up" wakeup targets the hips and lower back, opening them up and creating physical space for calling in creative thoughts. What do you want to cultivate? Use this wakeup to create some movement and flow in the static areas of your life!

7. Shed the Stress and Rest by Niki Saccareccia

Finally, this bedtime yoga sequence will help you wind down and clear away any negative thoughts and feelings from your day so you can sleep restfully and recharge. By unwinding your muscles and shifting gears to bedtime, you truly prepare for relaxation and restoration, both critical for creating mental and physical space day to day.

To play any of these wakeups, download Yoga Wake Up for iPhone or Android, and try our FREE 7-day trial. For $9.99/month ($53.99/year) you can unlock hundreds of wakeups to help you cultivate creativity and build in a healthier morning and evening routine. Enjoy!