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Teacher Spotlight: Lindsey Valdez

Lindsey Valdez is a Yoga Wake Up angel that dropped out of the sky (came from NYC to LA, where she currently resides and teaches). She's become a great friend personally and of our app and we know she is a fan favorite too! Her "Love to Your Limbs from Bed" and "Spine and Shoulder wakeup" are so yummy and well sequenced, without ever having to leave your cozy comfy bed. You're welcome!!

We adore her, so thought you guys might want to get to know her a little better. Lindsey leads an annual retreat with Yoga Wake Up instructor (and her bestie) Rebecca Hajek and the next one is this May (Memorial Day Weekend) in upstate New York at Vida Farm. She's also leading yoga at the upcoming Campowerment womens' weekend in Running Springs, Calif. this March. Look out for events and classes with Lindsey on her Instagram @lvlyoga and if you haven't already, check out her wakeups on the app. More coming VERY soon...

Getting to know Lindsey Valdez...


My "get ready" ritual includes tongue scraping, taking my probiotics, coconut yogurt + berries for brekkie, lots of water, and a delicious Hawaiian Tumeric Latte mix that I brought home from Maui + coconut milk. It’s amazing hot or cold and I can even take it "To Go” style in the car mixed with some Chill Deep House Sirius XM radio for my morning commute!


I’m in Love with the practice! Not only does it bring me so much joy, but it also helps me harness my airy Aquarian energy and gives my brain and body the steadiness and grounding that I so need. Yoga has gotten me through breakdowns, heartbreak, sickness, and loss, and has gifted me with a career that I love, friendships, sisterhood and community across the globe, and an outlet for sharing and spreading the love!


It takes me awhile to wind down and calm my body and brain for sleep so that’s where my practices of Yoga Nidra and relaxation meditation serve me best. I like to read a chapter or even a few pages of my book before bed (I’m currently reading The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak) and then I'll listen to a guided meditation (Tara Brach and Sarah Blondin are my go-to girls) or put myself through a Nidra to help send me off to dream land.


I’m lucky enough to get to teach by the beach! My home studios are Knockout LA, The Yoga Loft, The Well Manhattan Beach, and Equinox Westwood! I still travel back to NYC every few months to guest teach there at Pure Yoga and Yoga Vida, and I post my schedule on my IG - @LVLYoga


I love to mix it up, but I mostly teach to deep house and probably have Odesza on every playlist!


Joy is in you whether you express it or not, so why not express it?! Cuz Fun is FUN! ;)


1.) I’m a sleepy head in the AMs and really love the practice of bed yoga myself, so I wanted to offer more of that on the app for our users! I feel it’s such a sweet and accessible way to start the day for anyone and everyone!

2.) I’ve suffered from insomnia since I was a little girl and I still get flare ups when I’m stressed or fatigued or traveling, but I’m so grateful for the practice of Yoga Nidra and the body scan techniques I’m sharing on the app because they have truly helped me and it’s my hope that they help you all too!

3.) Whether it’s an alcohol hangover, a holiday hangover, or you’ve just overloaded on the sugar, this wake up should help you wring out those toxins and rinse out the residue, and hopefully also serve as a healthy reminder of what "feeling good" really feels like when the party’s over! ;)

Lindsey's new wakeups are coming soon! We know how many of you have been eagerly awaiting a "Hangover Wakeup" and it's coming. In the meantime, tune into her cooling bedtime meditation (for those of you in the lower hemisphere!) or her old staples "Love to Your Limbs from Bed" and "Spine & Shoulder Wakeup". They don't have hundreds of positive reviews for nothing!

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