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5 Wakeups to Bring More Love Into Your Day

A couple months ago we heard from Natalie Sayre, Yoga Wake Up brand ambassador and founder of Mindful Migraine, a blog and online community supporting those that struggle with chronic illness. Natalie filled us in on her favorite wakeups for those hard days. Now she's sharing her picks for the best wakeups to fill you up with love, fitting as we stroll through February and encourage more self love and love of others. So without further ado...

Hello. Natalie Sayre here and sharing two gentle yoga flows, two meditations and one very special walking meditation. These wake ups are all hand picked for February (#lovemonth) and have helped me to foster self love in different but powerful ways. There’s something here for any mood that you’re in - tired, cranky, stressed, happy or already feeling loving and just wanting to give yourself some extra self care. Enjoy!

(Y) Here Comes the Sun, Mia Togo (13:47)

This yoga flow is perfect for inviting calm and presence into your day no matter what your internal weather is. Blending gentle cleansing movements with a relaxing and inspiring guided meditation. A wonderful tool for finding love and gratitude for your experience of the day - no matter what it looks like. Great for mornings!

(M) Manifestation Meditation, Ferny Barceló (8:10)

At the end of the day #yougotyou and are the creator of your reality. Ferny guides you through a powerful guided meditation in this wake up, that gently urges you to lean into trusting the universe and your own power. An excellent tool for shifting your headspace if you’re feeling down or stuck. It’s short and sweet but filled up my hope and love bucket big time! Intended for mornings but good any time of day.

(Y) Morning magic moves, Vance Vladek (7:30)

Vance makes this wake up so fun and silly! If you want to be reminded that you are a magical being and feel full of love and gratitude, then this is a perfect wake up for you. I dare you to get through the whole thing without cracking a smile or laugh. Lighthearted moderate guided movement and an immediate mood boost.

(M) Mantra to Reset and Soften, Kate Waitzkin (14:23)

An excellent meditation for cultivating self compassion and love. Gentle guidance to rest for a few minutes in the ease that always exists within you and around you. This meditation leaves you feeling full of peaceful and loving energy; deeply calm and read to carry lightness into your interactions and day.

(Walking M) Visualizing from a Joyous Place, Erin Ward (11:07)

This is such a special little wake up! It’s good for any time of day, and can be done in your home or outside in nature. Erin guides you through a powerful visualization that is a perfect, loving, gift for nobody but you. She walks you through an exercise of calling in what you most want from life, then visualizing feeling your body and mind fill with the excitement and love of being in that space. Affirming, loving and incredibly high vibe - this one is a must try.

It can be hard to know where to start with deepening a self-love practice these days, but I can tell you from my experience that this app and these wake ups specifically are a wonderful place to begin. Lots of love and light to you!

Natalie Sayre (or better known as the face and voice behind @mindfulmigraine) is a twenty-something sharing the ups and downs of mindfully navigating life with chronic illness. She has a passion for connecting with others and using mindfulness to transform the experience of chronic pain. On her instagram, you can follow the day-to-day of her journey to live a life of wellness, while facing the ever-changing landscape of chronic illness.