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Love to Your Limbs from Bed: A Guide to Our Most LOVABLE wakeups

We're talking all about LOVE this month, so we thought it would suit to share the wakeups that are best known to give you that loving feeling.

Love. pleasure. happiness. All the feels... Whatever you want to call it, these next 7 wakeups will fill you up with your DOSE of joy. For those that don't know, that's Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins; all the happy chemicals made naturally in our body when we take action that encourages love. It's a pretty magical thing to know that we are the source and when we give love, our bodies just make more of it. And it's free! So without further ado...

Love to Your Limbs from Bed by Lindsey Valdez

Lindsey ease you awake and into a full body stretch from your fingers to your toes and your crown to your tail, all the while soothing you with her sultry voice and guitar jam by Steve Gold. Nearly 300 reviews confirm-- this is THE best way to wake up to yoga without having to leave your cozy bed.

Selfless Selfcare by Ali Owens

Have you ever felt love or joy after doing something kind for someone else? This meditation explores the happy hormones you will feel when you visualize helping others. Selfcare in a traditional sense is wonderful but when we expand and care for others, we feel good, and that's caring for ourselves too!

Loving Kindness by Maeve McCaffrey

Practicing loving kindness, while sometimes may be difficult, is a beautiful way to expand and grow your own ability to love and be loved. Trust that by practicing this meditation honestly and often, you will feel more centered, warm and ready to share your love with others.

Meeting Your Compassionate Self by Ferny Barceló

But what about how much you show yourself love? What about that annoying inner critic? How do you show up and show love for yourself despite its pesky, incessant bullying? Meeting Your Compassionate Self will help you visualize, manifest and empower the part of you that deeply loves and supports YOU. Connect with her or him and remind them how worthy of love you are!

Start with Self-Love by Erin Ward

If you have struggled to love yourself and others unconditionally play this wakeup on repeat. Use it as a daily reminder that at our essence, we are all PURE LOVE. Trust in you. Put your hand on your heart and whisper "I love you". Let it be awkward, uncomfortable, pleasurable or whatever else it inspires. We are personally so IN LOVE with this wakeup and its creator Erin Ward. Read up on The Chalkboard Mag where Erin gives us all the tools for intention setting from a place of fullness.

Devotion by Kate Duyn

"A little self love goes a long way." This soulful wakeup featuring tunes by Earth, Wind and Fire and Mary J. Blige starts with a self-HUG, will give you all the warm, fuzzy feelings and encourage you to break a little sweat too. It'll get you moving and grooving with generous hip openers as you devote time and energy to YOU upon starting your day.

Today is Yours by Kate Lister

Finally, this wakeup will bring a smile to the face of just about anyone on any occasion. No matter what feelings of doubt or fear you may have started with, we guarantee that Kate Lister will be successful in reminding you how incredibly wonderful you truly are. Remember that-- you are unique and you are loved.

So your mission this month-- love up on yourself each morning with any of these wakeups, snap a screenshot and tag the teacher, showing them some love, and then go out into the world and share all that love you created with others. ❤