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Teacher Spotlight: Erin Ward

So this is exciting! We have been blessed to get to know Erin over the last year. Her DISRUPTION class at Knockout is transformative, her soft-hearted, free-spirited nature is refreshing and her clear eyes and bright smile instantly light up the world around her. She also has the voice of an angel. We could not be happier that over this Christmas break, the stars aligned and we got Erin in to record with us, just in time to inspire you at the start of this New Year.

It is with great joy that we announce Erin Rose Ward to the app. We're delighted to have her guiding light accessible through Yoga Wake Up anytime/anywhere! So without further ado...

Getting to know Erin Rose Ward...

AM ROUTINE I wake up every morning and do a cross between a roll around/stretch/spasm in bed. I put my feet on the floor and immediately do 108 pumps of breath of fire. If I'm really tired I'll do this multiple times. I say three things out loud I am grateful for and then I force myself to chug a giant mason jar of water. Simple and quick :) WHY I PRACTICE

For me, practice is when I meet myself fully and can connect to the truth that I am a divine being having a human experience. Plus, it makes every other experience in my day more vibrant and full.


I like to do a few simple restorative postures for about 10 breaths each. I have tea in bed and read something either inspiring or funny. WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU?

I live in Venice, Calif. and teach at Love Yoga, Knockout, and The Class by TT. I also lead retreats around the globe! www.erinRward.com :) FAVE TUNES TO PRACTICE TO

I love me some Bon Iver and Sigur Ros when I'm feeling romantic and sensitive, and Rufus Du Sol when Im in the mood to move. WORDS TO LIVE BY

My grandmother - now an angel - use to say "offer it up" when I would complain about something. Basically, everything can be experienced as a prayer if we decide it is so. ANYTHING YOU WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR RECENT NEW RECORDINGS

I really want people to use these meditations to create a loving foundation first thing in the morning. When we connect with our power and befriend the present moment, anything is possible.

Erin joins us on the app with three new wakeups, all of which are wonderful for harnessing your own personal power and strength this New Year. Erin's "Breathe into Steadiness" will ground you from the inside. "Start with Self-Love" is a meditation for laying a foundation of complete and unconditional self-love; a reminder that at our essence, we are pure love. Finally, try something different with our first ever walking meditation, Erin's "Visualizing from a Joyous Place", and imagine what you most desire and how it will show up in your life.

All of her wakeups are pure MAGIC and we're thrilled and honored to have her on the app.