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Teacher Spotlight: Rebecca Hajek

We met Rebecca when we recorded with her in New York last year. She came off as refreshingly honest, real and open-hearted with a fierce love for yoga as a practice. She's one of those individuals that seems wise beyond their years. She has studied yoga for more than 10, traveled all over practicing and teaching, and it's truly a gift to have her on the app.

We got to know her better when she visited LA last month and are stoked we were able to get her in to record with us again. She's back on Yoga Wake Up with three new sequences, two of them for bedtime. Here's some extra background on what makes her special.

Getting to know Rebecca Hajek...


I could tell you that I wake up, meditate, drink some matcha and journal. But truth is I’m usually sleeping until the last minute, grabbing a coffee to go and running out the door to class.

WHY I PRACTICE I find that when I do make meditation part of my daily practice I’m more clear headed and focused which does wonders to get me in a positive headspace to tackle my busy teaching sched.


I am a self proclaimed night owl so I have more ritual with my evenings. A cup of tea, a guided meditation, a long shower and journaling all make appearances and allow for me to process my day in order to wind down.


I teach yoga and meditation in NYC at Pure Yoga, Yoga Vida and Alo Yoga as well as run retreats, workshops and trainings. FAVE TUNES TO PRACTICE TO

Lately I’ve been favoring soul music in my classes- everyone likes to groove and move to Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. WORD TO LIVE BY

I’m doing my best. ANYTHING YOU WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR RECENT NEW RECORDINGS I’m excited about my new recordings because it’s the first time I’m doing a wind down. Many many students and friends talk to me about sleeping poorly and I can finally offer a meditation that uses yogic techniques such as psychic stillness and yoga nidra to help people to still the body and quiet the mind to aid in better sleep.

Get to know Rebecca better on the app and by visiting her website or Instagram. Live in NYC? Go try out her class in person when you can.