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Our Favorite "From Bed" wakeups for when it's too Cold to Leave Your Bed.

Winter is coming... or at least it feels like it when it's already snowing across half the world. We know that's when our stock goes up because yoga in bed is the ultimate excuse for staying under the covers a few minutes longer.

We can imagine the conversation with your boss now...

"Sorry I am running late, I had to get in a little yoga, clear my head, before our meetings today."

Sounds SOOOO much better than, "It's cold outside and I couldn't bring myself to get up." See...we've got you covered! LITERALLY.

So we polled our ambassadors and came up with this list of the best wakeups "From Bed", when you need a little more YOU time under the covers.

"Love to Your Limbs From Bed" by Lindsey Valdez

This wakeup is a crowd pleaser! The music is super relaxing and Lindsey's voice is soooo soothing. The wakeup is all about loving your limbs, stretching various ways through your legs and hips such as Happy Baby pose and rolling through ankles and feet, and all the nuanced parts of your lower body that need a little extra TLC.

"You Are Enough" by Arielle McFadden

This wakeup does ask you to sit up... consider yourself warned! But it eases you into movement gradually and then warms you up from the inside out with Sufi circles, a Kundalini practice that builds heat in the torso. It closes with a supremely powerful affirmation. You will be inspired to get up and go into your day strong and ready for anything...even snow and rain!

"Lower Back Love" by Kim Holton

This is a favorite from Jordan Nelson, Daily Cup of JoJo. It targets the low back which is often tight and sore after a night's rest. Easy, relaxing bridge poses accompanied by the most beautiful peaceful music make "Lower Back Love" worthy of its near-5-star rating.

"Yin Wakeup" by Kate Kuss

Leave it to a New Yorker to create the most blissfully chill wakeup on the app (they often need it most!). Kate Kuss is known for her yin teaching, and in this wakeup, she eases us through simple stretches with no judgement, no urgency, just a slow, meandering, relaxing 10 minutes of stretches mostly done supine (or on your back). When she does sit you up, she pays close attention to the neck and shoulders, ultimately relaxing you from top down.

If you haven't downloaded Yoga Wake Up, or if you haven't tried these "from bed" wakeups, we highly recommend giving one of these a shot first-- yoga in bed is really what Yoga Wake Up is built on!

These wakeups are the ultimate indulgence. Starting the day with stretching in bed is sure to leave you feeling rested and calm, and ready for the day. We've been told these wakeups can put you in a noticeably better mood, combatting the ill-effects of winter storms and cold temps. If you try one, let us know how you like it in the comments below!

Stay warm, friends!