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#Blog Takeover >> Manifesting with Crystals

Last week we caught up with Crystal Criminals and got a thorough intro to crystals-- a picking, programming and clearing how-to. Now we're hooked and ready to learn more.

This week, Eric and Ksenia are showing us the BEAUTIFUL art of gridding and how to pair your crystals for optimal benefit. Let's get started!

How To Pair Crystals and Build Grids For Manifesting

How To Pair Crystals

Pairing crystals may seem intimidating, but it’s a lot simpler than you may think. When blending and gridding crystals, imagine that each crystal is a master musician perfectly playing its instrument. All you need to do is be the conductor for the crystal orchestra by placing the crystals together with intentionality. Note: you don’t need to be Gabriel Garcia Marquez from Mozart in the Jungle to make a powerful crystal grid.

To begin, let’s look at two different approaches to crystal pairing.

Power Crystal Pairing

I call the first approach power pairing and it is when you take a set of two or more crystals that have overlapping healing/energetic/metaphysical properties, and work with them together with the intention of creating a “superblend” to intensely work on a specific outcome. This is akin to a chocolate lover getting their fix from ordering a sundae with triple chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, sprinkles, and brownies. An example of this method in the area of money/prosperity might include citrine, pyrite, emerald, jade and gold. It is a shotgun approach and can be very effective if called to try it.

Supportive Crystal Pairing

The other approach is supportive pairing. This is when we bring in a specific crystal to amplify the others or add an additional complementary energy. The most common crystal to blend with others is clear quartz. It is the ultimate amplifier, activator and master crystal. You can always add clear quartz to pack an additional punch to your blend and magnify its power. This is comparable to how taking turmeric with black pepper amplifies turmeric’s anti-inflammatory potency.

You can also use supportive blending with a crystal like black tourmaline, the ultimate grounding and protecting crystal. Paired with extremely high vibe crystals (think moldavite, herkimer diamonds), it helps to ground the energies and better integrate them into your physical body.

What Is A Crystal Grid?

The foundation of crystals grids for manifestation is sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the shapes, patterns and visual expressions of the fundamental mathematical principles that serve as the building blocks for the universe and all life.

There’s a reason why Pythagoras and ancient mathematicians had secret societies and considered certain numbers, (like pi and the square root of two) to be holy and divine.

Some examples of sacred geometry you may be familiar with are the “flower of life” (a series of 19 overlapping circles) or the golden spiral (a graphing out of the famous Fibonacci sequence). You don’t need to have passed 10th grade algebra-trig to see that the same shapes show up everywhere around us on the micro and macro level – just look at a beehive or a snowflake.

How To Make A Crystal Grid

Start your crystal grid by taking any shape you like: triangle, square, circle or hexagon. Trace out your shape or just eyeball the shape and place your crystals on the corners or perimeter of the shape. Go intuitively by what feels right. You can also place a crystal in the center of your shape and build out the grid by placing crystals in a circle around the center like a watch face.

Program your grid by creating an intention and then “connecting” each crystal in the grid with your Crystal Criminals Crystal Feather or a piece of quartz by pointing it like a wand. One simple and foundational crystal grid ritual is to place four pieces of black tourmaline in the corners of your home to protect it from any outside or unwanted energies. The grid acts like an “electric fence” protecting you and your home’s energy. You can learn more about the Protect My Home ritual or get a kit to perform it on CrystalCriminals.com. Use code YOGAWAKEUP on your order for special Yoga Wake Up community pricing through July 29.

See? It’s not that difficult. You don’t need to be a crystal expert to utilize the healing power of crystals. Remember, crystals are a piece of technology in the literal sense of the word. All of our electronics, radios, TVs, and tech use crystals to translate the “invisible” into the “visible.” Your thoughts and intentions are like those invisible waves of TV, Wi-fi and radio, and they have the ability to program a crystal to amplify or send a particular “message” (frequency) out into the world. We like to see them as a conductor that actually helps us connect with our own intuition and divine guidance. Give it a try and tag @crystalcriminals in your creations on Instagram!