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Camping with Yoga Wake Up

Summer is HERE! Are you ready for a season of camping, swimming, hiking and biking? An amazing thing to do for yourself is to #getoutside and breathe in that fresh air! Go where the wifi is weak and find a strong connection to the world around you.

We want you to be able to access your favorite yoga and meditation sequences anytime anywhere, that's why we've designed the app to be available *offline*. We can't stress the importance of getting out into nature enough and we've made our app as accessible as possible in any scenario for this reason.

Have a trip planned that you know you'll be out of service for a few days? (psst...we're jealous). Download all your favorites to your phone before you head out! That way you'll have the option to meditate or flow with your favorite teacher free from the worry of being "connected" out on vacay!

Here's a list of 7 recommended wakeups for your connection-free escapades:

1. Channel Chidakasha with Laurel Erilane

Relax your body and experience the presence of the universe through this guided meditation. This dream-like sensory journey or lucid sleep, is a technique that relieves tension from the physical body and perceived mind leaving you feeling peacefully well rested. Discover a deep state of tranquility while in the space of internal consciousness. This is great for an outing that might be a bit strenuous on your physical body.

2. Dissolve Doubt and Land in Your Light with Kate Waitzkin

Through guided breath work and visualization, dissolve the pull of doubt, fear and uncertainty that is taking space in your body and mind and land your awareness into the light of truth and abundance within. This is perfect for an outing that isn't super familiar for you or that you feel a bit uneasy about. Dissolve your doubt and go into it with this sense of purpose and gratitude!

3. Dreamers and Doers with Missy Kai

This inspiring meditation helps you starts every day with positive vibrations, encouragement, and confidence. Instead of looking for meaning and fulfillment through out external attachments, relax and allow your purpose to emerge internally from cultivating a sense of deep worthiness, centering, and connection to your true, essential self. Perfect meditation for a day where you know you'll need a little extra encouragement!

4. Lower Back Love with Kim Holton

This sequence, done mostly lying down, gently releases your lower back and helps to relieve discomfort. This practice ends standing with sun breaths to help you wake up fully. Wake up with Kim and relieve lower back tension. Great for a backpacking excursion!

5. The Heart of Life with Hillary Skibell

This short meditation will guide you into the center of your heart as you connect more deeply with the flow and pulse of life. With each breath you can sync up with the rhythms around and attune to the great oneness that is always there. Get outside of your tent and meditate in an open space. Feel the connection to the Earth and get inspired!

6. Shed the Stress and Rest (bedtime meditation) with Niki Saccareccia

End your day by systematically shedding the aches, tension and fatigue so you can sleep better and more deeply. This sequence releases the emotional and mental strain that accumulates during the day, while targeting common stress-zones in the hips, back and shoulders. Unwind your muscles, revive the spine, and shift gears as you prepare for true relaxation and restorative sleep. Amazing to do after a long hike or activities that can let the body feel tense or fatigued.

7. Yoga Nidra: Effortless Reset (bedtime meditation) with Hilary Jackendoff

This Yoga Nidra is a powerful way to completely reset your energy. Give yourself permission to completely let go of all efforts and deeply rest through this healing, restorative practice. You can do this at bedtime or any time during the day. It's a great way to reset at any point you feel drained physically or mentally.

We hope you enjoy these delightful summer months. Get outside! Feel the sun on your skin and let your feet get dirty. Connect back to your truth in nature. Through meditation and yoga, we can become fully present and aware of ourselves and our surroundings. All we have to do is practice.

*New to the app? Download and take advantage of our 7 day FREE trial!