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Morning Yoga Flow Sequence with Rachelle Tratt

Sometimes, all you need in the morning is a simple, 5-minute yoga flow to start the day on the right foot.

Check out Rachelle’s five minute yoga class tips below for the next time you need to get the snaps, crackles and pops out when you wake up in the morning.


Start with Child’s Pose, with your big toes together and knees slightly apart, press your hips back to your heels and relax your head to the floor. Stretch your arms out in front of you and soften into the support of the floor. Deepen your breath.

Then, lift through your chest and heart a few times while you breathe.

Move onto hands and knees and into Cat/Cow pose on your breath. Your inhale lifts your tailbone and heart, shoulderblades squeeze, and your exhale presses the earth away through your hands and legs as you round through your upper back like a cat.

After a few cycles of extending and flexing your spine in Cat/Cow, begin to circle your hips and shoulders with three deep breaths, letting out your breath through your mouth on the last in Lion’s Breath. Let it feel good!

Next is Downward Facing Dog. Press your hips up and back, anchoring through your heels and pressing the earth away through your hands and arms, sending your energy back through your legs.

Just hold and breathe steadily while you open up your entire body.

After 5 cycles of breath, flow forward to Plank Pose (a “rolling vinyasa”) from Downward Facing Dog 5-10 times, using your core to initiate the movement forward and back with control.

To finish your morning yoga practice, from Downward Dog walk your hands back toward your feet at the back of the mat into a forward fold, relaxing your body over your thighs and relaxing your head by leading your neck soften.

Keeping your knees gently bent, slowly (taking several breaths to get there), roll your spine up to stand upright, reaching your arms up and overhead, stretching through your fingertips.

End your practice standing tall with hands at your heart, and thank yourself for giving yourself this time to move and breathe yourself awake!

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