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Introducing Kate Duyn: Music and Yoga

If you have been lucky enough to visit Light on Lotus, a sweet, welcoming studio owned by Kate Duyn based in Mar Vista, on the westside of Los Angeles, you have likely dropped in on her Friday night class "Lotus Rocks". Joaquin and I had the pleasure of taking the class on a very unique night -- Kate described the theme, which was titled "Yacht Rock" as music you'd listen to on a yacht circa late 70s-early 80s. Because so many of us experienced that first hand! Hah! We knew we were in for something special. We grooved to the beat of "What a Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers, learned a creative pose, likely invented by Kate, called "sailboat" (I'd love to know the Sanskrit name for this one!) and an audible murmur of giggles emerged when we laid in Savasana to "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.

This is unusual for a yoga class but not for Kate, a self-professed lover of music. She said she has always been deeply involved and inspired by the power of music in a wide variety of genres. She also studied yoga with Laughing Lotus's Dana Trixie Flynn in New York, and has invented a personal style of teaching yoga that involves very creative dance-inspired, out-of-the-box sequencing. We simply love her for her quirk, refreshing creativity and sunny disposition, all while always "keeping-it-real". She is a truly special human, so we're beyond excited to share that she now has three wakeups LIVE on the app.

Kate's content is (obviously) rooted in music. Her wakeup titles hint at what you will hear and guide the vibe of each one.

She told us, "I find great satisfaction in creating playlists that coincide with special moments in class just so, to support what's happening mentally, physically, or emotionally. In essence I often try to apply the Gesamtkunstwerk approach to yoga as one might apply it to the synthesis of other art forms. The creative process is very therapeutic to me personally, and I feel that these conscious choices only help to immerse my students fully into the offerings of that particular practice."

"Nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect song that has just the right lyrics or emotes the qualities of the themes I aim to convey through my class sequence and dharma infusion."

We've been enjoying Kate's musically themed wakeups all week. We hope you enjoy them too. Be sure to check out her Spotify channel. We've included the "Yacht Rock" playlist below but she also recommends her "Ocean of Devotion" and "Right Action" playlists.

Kate tells us, "In this incarnation as a yoga teacher, small business owner and mother, I still work with music intimately on a daily basis to establish a mood, affect change, and mostly, to uplift those around me."