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Nighttime Rituals with Yoga Wake Up

We're here to talk about nighttime rituals

We all sleep, and yet, we all are so unique in the ways in which we sleep and stay asleep.

At Yoga Wake Up, we talk a lot about creating productive and joyful mornings. But this post is all about rituals to bring to your nightly routine in order to promote your most enjoyable, restful sleep. We know to wake up feeling productive and joyful, we need to guarantee a good night's rest.

Not getting enough sleep can cause health issues like heart disease and weight gain. Poor sleep can even lead to tension and problems in relationships! Yea, no thank you. That's why we've gathered some info on proper nighttime rituals.

These suggestions for nighttime rituals will help bring you to a calm state of relaxation so you can ready your body for dreamland:

1. Turn off all screens at least 1 hour before bed

There have been so many studies proving the little blue light that our devices give off is tricking our bodies into thinking it isn't nighttime yet. Our bodies naturally produce melatonin at bedtime (around 9pm). Exposure to too much blue light before bed prevents our bodies from producing enough melatonin and actually leaves us feeling more alert and awake when we're going to bed. The Yoga Wake Up alarm clock only works when the app is the last thing you keep open before locking the screen. This is to remind you to keep your device at a distance once you've set your alarm for the morning, in turn, giving you the opportunity to relax and let your brain reset right before you shut your eyes.

2. Stay away from alcohol

Many believe that drinking alcohol produces a drowsy feeling and is a useful tool in inducing sleep. While there is some truth to that, the quality of sleep is never as good as we'd like it to be. According to the National Sleep Foundation, alcohol disrupts our REM sleep, which is our most restful sleep. This is why we wake up feeling groggy and tired after a night of drinking. In addition, alcohol is said to mess with our circadian rhythm. This is one of the reasons why we generally wake up multiple times during the night after drinking before bed. Leading us to our next suggestion...

3. Drink a cup of warm tea or golden milk

Remember when you were a kid and your parents used warm milk as a way to coax you into bed and help you fall asleep? This is just like that, only for adults. Golden milk is essentially a dairy-free elixir with a blend of warm spices like turmeric, cardamom and cinnamon. Warm it up on the stove right before bed for a soothing, anti-inflammatory bedtime beverage. Check out this recipe for delicious, vegan golden milk on our blog!

*If you're not a golden milk fan, herbal tea works just as well to encourage a comforting and relaxing mood before bed.

4. Try using essential oils

Essential oils are extremely useful when trying to ready your body for sleep. There are many specific oils that help reduce anxiety and calm our nervous system (vetiver, lavender, marjoram, jasmine) so that we can focus on preparing to sleep instead of our multiple to-do lists and thoughts from the day. Essential oils can either be used directly on the skin or put in a diffuser. We encourage using a diffuser, as oils can sometimes aggravate the skin. Plus, using a diffuser is so easy and lasts in your space much longer. Our partners at Saje Natural Wellness have so many fantastic diffusers to choose from! We especially love the White Aromabreeze Diffuser.

5. Invest in a quality mattress

There's nothing like sleeping on the wrong mattress to prevent you from getting your best sleep. We go to sleep every night, why wouldn't we invest in a mattress that helps us sleep more comfortably? We've decided to partner with a company that we, personally, can't get enough of...Leesa. As the creators of the Yoga Wake Up app, our co-founders, Lizzie and Joaquín, are constantly looking for ways to promote better sleep, making waking up feeling refreshed and energized a given, every morning. That's why they put their trust in this brand. You'll absolutely love the cooling memory foam on these mattresses!

6. Start a bedtime meditation ritual

Meditation is constantly proving itself to be highly beneficial for mental, physical and spiritual health. We use meditation to delve deeper, heightening the senses to become more aware ourselves and our surroundings. As you can imagine, meditating right before bed can bring you to a state of intense relaxation. Being completely at ease helps promote feelings of surrender, which leads to feelings of drowsiness and prep the body for sleep.

*In addition to our morning wakeups, Yoga Wake Up will soon be releasing bedtime audio sequences to help you prepare for a good night's sleep. Stay tuned for our nighttime meditations and sleep-inducing yoga to tuck you into bed!