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Practice "Body Love" with Yoga Wake Up

We'd like to talk about "Body Love"

This idea of "Body Love" is focusing, intently, on your mind-body connection and sending breath, attention and love to your body. How often do you actively send messages from your mind to your physical body?

Our app strives to awaken your mind and body up with calm, gentle movements and meditations. These wakeups offer you the tools to start your day mentally and physically on a positive note. We also know that sometimes waking up can not only be be difficult on the mind, but especially on the physical body. Perhaps you notice that a certain area of the body takes a little while longer to get fully functioning after sleep. Or maybe you tend to sleep on one particular side and realize your neck or back are suffering from it. Whatever it is, Yoga Wake Up is here to help you!

That's why we've compiled this dynamic list of 10 wakeups to inspire "Body Love":

1. Gentle Yoga for Side Sleepers with Niki Saccareccia

This gentle practice focuses on rehydrating the tissues around the shoulder, upper back and neck that can get bent out of shape during sleep. These gentle flowing movements will help you connect the breath-body link quickly, creating a grounding effect to fuel the rest of your day! Unkink a tight neck, stiff back or clenched jaw.

2. Reggae Reset with Arielle McFadden

Let Arielle McFadden wake you up with an invigorating reggae flow you can do right in your bed! Stimulating your digestive organs, opening your shoulders, and releasing unneeded baggage stored in your hips. This is a full body and nervous system re-set.

3. 5 Senses to Wakefulness with Nicole Sciacca

We are a culture continuously distracted. Before you step foot off your bed, take the time to see, hear, taste, touch and breathe into your current state. With opportunities to jump into the next best thing, let's work from a place of complete awareness and steadiness immediately upon waking.

4. Lower Back Stress Relief with Fern Olivia

Fern will lead you through this nurturing meditation aimed to help you ease stress related to lower back tension. Use this Kundalini-inspired wakeup to stretch and expand, unwinding any lower back tension or pain and healing in the body and with it, the mind.

5. Unique Body with Emilie Perz

Your body is as unique as you. Dive into a soulful morning wakeup that gets you moving into the sweetness of your being in a loving way.

6. Gratitude Wake Up with Maeve McCaffrey

Cultivate a gratitude practice from bed with this soothing, guided meditation focused on teaching you to honor your body and mind, and listen carefully.

7. Gradual Wake Up and Stretch with Nichol Chase

This morning sequence will make waking up much less abrupt. Ease into your day by focusing your attention on your breath and stretching into the hips and shoulders.

8. Spinal Awakening with Angela Jean Weber

An open spine gives way to an open heart and mind. Connect to your higher Self with this sweet and simple spinal warm up flow that utilizes basic backbends, side bends and forward folds that will get your spine, breath, and prana (energy) awake and moving in all four directions.

9. De-Side Your Day! with Sarah Ezrin

From bed to waking, Sarah lovingly guides you through a side body-focused flow mixed with empowering affirmations to help you live your day from your heart.

10. Daybreaker with Miles Borrero

Get into all those little sore or tight spots right as you start your day. This practice will get you ready for your day working out any of the creaky places in your physical body and will help your mind feel clear and ready for whatever the day brings.

We hope these wakeups inspire you to create a deeper mind-body connection and teach you to practice "Body Love" every day.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

– Buddha

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