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The Road to Happiness: One Yogi Who Learned to Love Herself

Self-care and self-love are terms I heard all too frequently - and they had nearly lost their meaning, until I found myself in Nosara, Costa Rica, enticed by solitude to take care of myself and romance my soul in ways I had never even imagined.

After a whirlwind year, where I bounced in between Los Angeles, New York City, and Australia leading Thyroid Yoga® Teacher Trainings, led a workshop in Aspen at the Lead with Love retreat with some of my mentors and people I admire most including Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, I was riding a high - yet my soul was tired and screamed for my own loving attention. The truth is, I was drained from doing what I loved.

No longer am I a slave to my work or the pressure to always be the superhuman mover and shaker I expect myself to be.

I have learned that I can give my fullest when my cup is filled first, and that I can live in paradise and slow down, and still be a rockstar yogi.​

Today, I am glowing, living the life beyond my wildest dreams, singing as I walk barefoot and nearly naked through a beachside jungle, home to monkeys, exotic birds, sea turtles, and butterflies.Ten years ago, I was living in a concrete jungle, lost and living someone else’s dream.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid condition at the age of 22 after struggling with symptoms for over a decade. I didn’t know it at time, but my diagnosis was my soul speaking to me loud and clear about my purpose. As a little girl, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would proudly declare that I would be teacher, a writer, a health practitioner, a CEO, and an inspirational speaker.

Today, I am all of these women. It just took graduating with honors with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, working in Finance for over 7 years, and getting very sick with an autoimmune thyroid condition due to chronic stress, fatigue, binge drinking, and emotional eating, to come back to my original intention and remember why I was born. Through yoga, meditation, self-care and holistic lifestyle rituals, I found my way through years of sickness and dis-ease to a place of shining radiance and a thriving life.

The truth is, I was completely disconnected from my body and the knowledge it was trying so desperately to communicate to me through symptoms of jabbing stomach pain, perpetual brain fog, all-over body fatigue, and a bloated belly that wouldn’t depuff no matter how many times I’d visit my incredibly talented colon hydrotherapist. My period played hide and seek and disappeared into the abyss for two years. After fainting in the crowded NYC subway one summer afternoon, I finally woke up and realized after trying every herb in the book that my body wasn’t looking for another superfood or detox therapy.

It was screaming at me to LOVE myself.

I could feel so many women around me feeling the same way I did - women feeling hopeless, stuck, and desiring love and guidance on how to find their beauty after years of feeling “off.”

Far beyond dietary recommendations, I felt a common craving to be seen, heard, and understood.

Women began to come to me for guidance beyond a practitioner who would simply read their test results and prescribe another pill; for connection with an expert who has been there, who has the knowledge, compassion, and resources to light the way. I noticed that women were looking for something beyond nutritional protocol that hasn’t yet existed - and I knew it was my dharma to create that.

Thyroid Yoga® was birthed from my healing journey and my mission is to create a ripple effect that inspires future generations for years to come.I created Thyroid Yoga® to fill the gap that existed between the symptoms 200 million people in the world are experiencing, the energetic and environmental root causes of their thyroid imbalance, and the knowledge around how lifestyle changes can play a significant role in the support of their total health. Through interactive video courses and both live virtual teacher trainings, I have empowered thousands of individuals to thrive rather than to fall at the mercy of debilitating thyroid symptoms.

My passion is to create tools that are approachable to all, incorporating ritual and lifestyle practices in combination with yoga sequences, chanting, and tools for radical self-expression to offer support in a unique and fun way.What was instrumental in my journey was listening to my body and treating it as a temple, rather than as a patient who needed fixing. So instead of masking symptoms, I aim to empower you to understand WHY you are having them - and everyone is different - and heal your body through targeted yoga, meditation, breathing, nutrition, and self-care rituals for your unique body.

As I made more space for nurturing me in Nosara during my first visit in September 2017, I noticed I was able to have more space to call in what I truly wanted. At the same time, my health was the best it had been in years. I felt light in my body and slowly weaned myself off thyroid medication.

I began manifesting magic and miracles, almost effortlessly.

My clairvoyance heightened. I noticed that I would begin seeing my clients’ trauma and energetic manifestations behind their conditions while giving Reiki energy work, and felt called to explore this in greater depth. I embarked on a journey in intuitive healing, becoming a certified Psychic Healer. I began manifesting travel, love, and blessings beyond my wildest dreams.

Then, my soul called me to return to Nosara, Costa Rica, where I am living currently.

I receive clarity effortlessly.

The hustle is a far distant, unrecognizable land that I don’t even remember. My cells have cleansed completely from the “over-busy” reputation I once had.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. We have to remember this with every fiber of our being, especially when most of the world is trying to tell us otherwise. When we feel like we are constantly pushing against the grain, we must ask ourselves why we are working so hard, burning ourselves out. At the core of our essence, what is creating the most joy? How can we find more ease in our lives? How can we return to simplicity and our natural state of play?

I begin each day with a daily affirmation, and this one has radically changed my life, and will be your game-changer declaration for 2018:

"I am willing for this to be easier and much more magical than I can imagine."

So, here I am in the heart of the jungle, excited for all the divine surprises that are already on their way to me. I wish the same for you, wherever you are.

Today, I invite you to find a comfortable, quiet space and download my complimentary Living Dream Workbook to embark on an explorative journey into your inner wisdom.

Light candles, incense, and sage. Invite your intuition to lead. I can't wait to hear about all the magnificence you naturally attract once you get clear on your vision and watch in awe as miracles find you this year.

With open space here in Nosara, I can breathe deep into my low belly and feel connected to my self, and love every part of me fully, and this is my wish for you.

Come say hi on @fernolivia and Facebook, and look out for my meditations on Yoga Wake Up. I love connecting and collaborating with new friends, wellness leaders, creative visionaries and lifestyle brands who share my mission to elevate and inspire our planet. I’m excited to share with you my brand new all-inclusive soul revival retreats and trainings in Costa Rica, Los Angeles, New York, and Australia I’ll be offering in 2018!