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RITUAL with Ali Owens

Rituals are ceremonies, activities, or daily practices that you do in a specific order.

As we dive into our first week of the 21-Day Challenge, we ask our Yoga Wake Up teacher, Ali Owens, to offer her insights on how we can incorporate and sustain daily morning rituals.

Choose your daily rituals that will empower you and set up your day the way you would like it to go. This might be making yourself a healthy meal, taking a shower, meditating, practicing yoga or working out. The body thrives on routine so the more often you can commit to your rituals, the more you will reap the benefits.

Be sure to communicate to those who may be impacted by your routine and let them know how much it means to you that you do these things everyday. Tell them what it does for you, how it makes you feel. By opening up the lines of communication about the importance of ritual you actually include others in the act of doing them so they too can benefit. For myself, I am a much better mom after I have taken a shower and eaten a healthy meal. When I feel rushed and don’t get to these things then I am cranky. So everyone wins. *Men, you’re worth it too!* Don’t skip out on workouts and the things that make you feel good. I would definitely say that my rituals are yoga, meditation, long walks on the beach, snuggles with my little one and taking time to eat well-prepared food.

Last thing...I invite you to add love into everything you do. Bless your food. Thank your higher self for guiding you during your practice. Count your blessings every time you hug or connect to another. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Feel the life move through you.

So how can you stay committed to your rituals? As a new mom, I know it’s tough to make it to your rituals at the same time everyday. I recommend being flexible with the “when” but make a commitment to it happening. Why? Because you’re worth it!

Utilize these tools from Ali to help you cultivate and maintain a ritual practice:

-Wake Up with Ali in her "Three Tokens of Gratitude" Meditation on the Yoga Wake Up app. Ali will lead you peacefully through a meditation at the end of her short yoga sequence to start your day on a blissful note.

-Follow this Yoga Sequence on Ali's blog: "This simple and effective 10 minute yoga and meditation sequence is designed to help you dust off the 'fuzz' that builds up between the joints overnight, increase circulation to the body, stimulate your digestive system, and set a daily intention."