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Take the Yoga Wake Up challenge. Use your phone for good. But WHY? What's the purpose?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Before Joaquin and I started Yoga Wake Up our morning routine consisted of me hitting snooze 2, sometimes 3 times before finally reaching for the phone and squinting at my facebook feed until the shapes resembled words. This would go on for some 20 minutes or so until I finally rolled out of bed, realized the time, and rushed to the kitchen to get things moving and start my day. Needless to say, we needed a new morning routine, so it's not surprising that my resourceful, problem-solving husband jumped on the solution that we now know as the first ever yoga alarm clock.

What's worse than hitting the snooze these days is the immediate need to get on our mobile devices. We scroll morning, noon and night and studies are coming up everyday detailing the negative effects of this mindless, NOT mindful behavior. I used to believe that I should fill free space (sitting at a red light, waiting in line) with "the scroll". "It's more efficient," I'd say. I'd justify with "I'm bored," so why not? Maybe this line of thought sounds familiar to you or maybe you know someone like me. Must stay busy at all times, right??

We decided it's time to make a change.

THIS CHALLENGE is about more than waking up with yoga. It's about waking up with love. Love for yourself and others. It's about reflecting and being honest with yourself about your relationship with technology.

You have to ask yourself --

- Is this healthy?

- Am I finding connection?

- Does this give me joy?

- Am I giving myself the freedom to be creative?

Because what I've learned (especially when I am trying to convince our 11-year old) is that it is healthy to BE BORED. It gives way to creativity, rest and deeper connection.

Over the 21 days of this challenge we will encourage you to listen and observe. How often are you reaching for your device when you are:

- in line at the supermarket?

- in an elevator?

- in traffic?

- with friends and family?

- in bed?

We're not saying you should do a digital detox and not use your device -- the reality is we've created a world in which we must coexist with tech. However, we hope to inspire you use it mindfully. We want you to join us in leading by example.

So invite that person you know that kind of doesn't look up from their phone when you're trying to have a conversation or that reaches for it every time they have a still moment. And if it's you, no shame because the struggle is real!

Let's do this together!


Lizzie Brown

Yoga Wake Up co-founder