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Yoga Wake Up's Holiday Gift Guide

Gearing up for this "Season of Giving"? Yoga Wake Up believes in shopping with intention and giving gifts that help promote wellbeing.

With that in mind, here's a list of our favorite things to give you a short look into what the staff at Yoga Wake Up is gifting their loved ones for the holidays.

1. "Best of Saje Deluxe Diffuse Blend" from Saje Wellness

Essential oils have become so much more accessible and we believe whole-heartedly in their wellness properties. Our co-founders, Lizzie and Joaquin Brown, love to use these Saje blends as they relax at home; throughout the day and before bed. Check out our article on our favorite "Essential Oils for Those Morning 'Feels'" featuring Saje Wellness blends.

2. Yogitoes Non-Slip Yoga Towels from Manduka

Ever been in a yoga class, sweating so hard that you're slipping and sliding all over your mat? Sounds like you need some yogitoes. These non-slip towels are perfect for your asana practice to soak up the sweat and keep you grounded so you can flow without the worry. Thanks, Manduka!

3. Green Bee Honey from Philosophie

As a company who is always looking to improve our morning rituals...eating a healthy breakfast is one of the first things we look to enhance. With Sophie Jaffe as one of our teachers on the Yoga Wake Up app, we're blessed to get her "scoop" on the healthiest breakfast additions. Sophie created this "Green Bee Honey" in which she combined raw (unfiltered) honey with a "Green Dream" mix (organic spirulina, maca, mesquite, hemp powder, chia seeds, and vanilla). Perfect to spread on toast or add as a sweetener for that morning caffeine fix!

4. Meditation Pillow from Gaiam

Gaiam offers many different meditation accessories to choose from. We're especially loving the "Zafu Crescent Meditation Cushion". This specific style was designed with your aches and pains in mind. With kapok filling, this meditation seat conforms to your body. Get your zen on by incorporating a meditation cushion into your practice. It helps support and promote a healthy spine while you dive deeper in your meditative bliss.

5. "Wylder Probiotic Blend" from Wylder Coffee Co.

Our friends at Wylder Coffee Co. have come up with something revelational. They've infused organically-farmed, ethically-produced coffee with extremophile probiotics. No one else is offering a product like this and we're so excited to show the world what Wylder is doing. Support a healthy immune system and digestive function while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Why Wylder? If the added probiotics weren't enough, they're dedicated to giving back to the Amazon Rainforest while promoting "global health and personal vitality". Check out their story here!

With these gifts in mind, we encourage you to support earth-minded, conscious, and sustainable businesses. Vote with your dollars to promote a healthy earth. We believe these products are helpful in creating a better world for all.

We hope you can utilize our app to wake up with positive intention. Use it throughout your day to manage and ease stress, especially during this holiday season!

*You can even give the gift of yoga by purchasing our Yoga Wake Up e-gift cards here!*