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A Month Solo Trip to Spend More Time in Nature

On August 31, I found myself on a plane to Nosara for a solo trip to rediscover my inner peace, clarity, and much needed time away from the buzz of Los Angeles. I was burning the candle at both ends - teaching yoga, giving Reiki, and hosting dinner parties - and all the while, neglecting my own time for healing and solitude. I'm a self-care junkie, so of course I had been treating myself to spa days, massages, and infrared sauna. However, there was something essential missing. Nature, quiet time to reflect and write poetry, and an extended period of breathing time with my soul, away from the clutter, expectations and responsibilities.

What I have discovered after a month in solitude with my soul has been remarkable, life-changing, and absolutely magical.

I'm excited to share writings from my journal, in hopes my experiences will inspire you to take time for you in nature to get back to your own true nature - whether a day hiking without your phone or a year backpacking around South America.

August 31, 2017

I have arrived in Nosara, Costa RIca and it's time for a sweet farewell until I decide to come back on the grid. It's time for my soul's recharge, an amusement with my sensuality, a deep inspiration revival, a curiosity for playfulness and synchronicity, and a strengthening of my partnership with my tender sweet heart.

My wish for you is that wherever you are today, you take a quiet moment for you. Turn off your phone, leave it at home, invite your feet to guide your steps, and notice the liberation you feel in each sacred beat to your own drum. Wander in reverence to your heart's longing.

September 11, 2017

I'm solar powered. Costa Rica, you've exploded my heart chakra. The light penetrating from the center of my chest is illuminating all self-doubt and fears I had been holding as layers of protection around me, piercing them, and bringing a new sense of bravery forward that only could have been harnessed through my solitude and connection with nature, my true nature.

My first night here, I slept through a 5.8 quake that shook my bed and the glass house I'm staying in, grateful for all the angels who have watched over and kept me safe. I've been making friends with bugs and creatures of all sorts, especially 8-legged species who prior I've jumped on a table four feet away and screamed bloody grief upon an encounter with - living alone in the jungle and hiking through the rainforest every day has quickly shown me that I am fine, I am safe, we're all just here to coexist in love.

And let's talk about surfing. I wasn't going to try it and then my soul shook me awake. Nosara has some of the best, softest breaks to learn the real techniques rather than just hopping on a board and hoping for balance. Oh goodness, I was scared on this one... scared of falling and getting smashed, scared of not being good, because darn, I'm good at everything I do because I choose to do what I'm good at - so no one would ever know that I haven't lived up to my own expectations. F*ck that. I've quickly learned that with practice, I will shred it out there on the ocean - and I have an amazing surf coach in Nosara to thank. And by goodness sake, my dad is an senior swim champion, swimming is in my blood and dharma, just like yoga. Why would this be any different? Once I journaled about my fears, they've vanished - magic. I can't rave enough about how writing and poetry helps me move mountains, and surrender into grace. When has the Universe ever let me down?

I'm connecting to Source in every footstep, every breath. Laying at the oceans edge, as the water flows over my entire body, I breathe deeply into my root chakra. Building up Kundalini shakti, feeling an awakening every morning that cascades warmth along my entire spine.

This is presence. I have returned to me, again.

September 18, 2017

I am living in a glass treehouse. In the jungle. A gorgeous reminder that our wildest dreams will come true if we show up to meet them, and I'm learning that is especially true in Nosara, where the "veil is thin" and prayers are answered very quickly. I'm learning to trust myself and trust in the solitude.

This is where my clairvoyance is surprising me with preciseness.

I have surrendered my grip on control and needing to know who, what, when and how, and welcoming the surprises as they arrive in divine flow.

When I arrived, I wondered who I would meet, how I would find my way through the rainforest.

I met myself. My heart has led the way, every morning, every moment, every evening.

I've been discovering new rituals that have gotten me in touch with myself deeper than I have ever touched myself before, caressing my own soul and knowing what she needs in every moment. I am high on my own breath, heart chakra exploding again and again surrounded by the ripeness of green earth in all directions.

I am finding my way back to simplicity.

How wonderful it feels to walk barefoot, bronzed skin naked to sunlight, hair knotted by saltwater and body glistening with radiance from nourishment by the abundance of fresh ingredients from mamma earth!!

After living like this, I ask myself, why would one live any other way?

The journey continues. Thank you Casa Gaia. Om Namah Shiva

September 19, 2017

Metamorphosis - a new chapter of my sensual awakening. I've been finding awe in conversations on conscious conception, orgasmic birth, and rituals around preparing the womb. My curiosity isn't invoked by research for prenatal clients, or sensuality and fertility retreats I am creating. I am awestruck with the gift to birth life into this world, excited to become a mother someday.

Embraced within a lush green womb deep in the rainforest, connected to the Divine Mother, it is naturally so.

How special is it that we have the power to create life? To create a human being! It's remarkable!

I had forgotten this in the midst of busyness, of just trying to keep up with myself.

What is my core desire? A sizzling hot partnership with a man who is courageous, confident, grounded, creative, conscious and passionate, who loves deep belly laughs and quiet moments of deep breathing as we gaze at the ever expansive ocean, who loves to build things with his strong hands and is stoked about building a home and a life together, who is equally in touch with his inner warrior as he is with his inner child.

I desire ease in my life, waking up knowing there is no rush, waking up in exuberance with the sheer gift of living, and falling asleep to the sweet whispers of the sea.

What has been holding me back? I've been hustling, allowing my masculine energies to blind my presence. This fierce drive has manifested as a gripping tightness in my belly, finally relieved as I've been in Nosara, embodying my feminine essence, lunar energy, receptivity, grace. How sweet this feels in my belly. Breath.

I am bursting with gratitude for how my grit has gifted me with expansiveness to live wherever my soul guides me.

It's time to share my life with someone. At the risk of being completely vulnerable and honest with the world, I am cracking open. Because I know that when I write from my heart, I am holding myself to my highest integrity. So when I say that I am flowing in my feminine, ready for a partner to evolve with, journey the world with, create a life with, build with, discover with - here I am, this is me, these are my dreams, now let's see ours.

Jai Ma

September 21, 2017

"Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being's suffering. Nothing. Not a career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we're going to survive with dignity." -Audrey Hepburn, thank you for the reminder

Mother Earth is shaking us, literally, for our attention. She is pleading for us to unite with our brothers and sisters, to find peace within our own soul so we can find peace together. She tried to whisper, we didn't hear her. She is louder now, insisting we listen to her wisdom, to come back to nature, our true nature. All the answers are here in the magic of the sea, the forests, our hearts. Listen closely.

You are elemental.

I ask myself every day, how can I be kinder, softer, how can my footsteps be in service to you? Guide me.

My heart is reaching out to all those who are suffering from the recent natural disasters, and I ask, "how can I give with the greatest impact?"

May my grace, inspiration and love move mountains and help support the hearts of those who have lost loved ones, homes, and hope. I am here for you. I am singing to the ocean to soothe her, singing prayers of protection and gratitude. May her Medicine reach you and offer you what you need to recover from the heartbreak, loss, and wreckage.

Today, I am donating to LifeStraw to fundraise and ship community water filters to give clean drinking water to the beautiful people of Puerto Rico. It breaks my heart to see the damage done to this special land which holds a dear place in my heart, I led a dozen yoga and surf retreats in Rincon and many homes and sanctuaries I cherished have been destroyed. I encourage you to help our global families in whatever way feels most aligned for you.

September 24, 2017

"I never understood the word 'loneliness.' As far as I was concerned, I was in an orgy with the sky, and the ocean, and with nature." -Bjork

My heart chakra is exploding again, and again, every day here in Nosara, falling more in love with sky, earth, water, breath, and the sweetness of solitude - it feels far from "lonely" being so connected to the beautiful breath of life. That feeling of contentment in the quiet moments, of not needing to be with anyone other than my soul, that tender realization of "I love being with me." It's so refreshing to have this richly deserved break from the typical social butterfly I tend to be.

Gratitude for the opportunity to have both in my life, and to choose.

In this moment, I choose me and the ocean. This surrender to quiet time is the ultimate self-love.

This is the ultimate orgy.

Love every sound, every breath, every color, every breeze, every wave.

Nothing is missing.

I am not missing out on anything.

The timing is all perfect.

I am not in any rush.

All I seek is already finding me.

How beautiful it feels to know this.

September 26, 2017

MEDICINE. During my morning walk through the rainforest to surf, I sit with a very special tree and listen to her breath. I sing to her. I listen. I pray.

I feel very connected to the trees here. They have seen this before. Trees hold a strength and a knowing, answers about what is happening to our world, what Mama Gaia is trying to communicate with us, I listen and I wrap myself in their arms in gratitude and reverence.

Thank you, Great Spirit. Thank you for creating these infinite miracles of creation. I pray that we listen to you. You hold the answers, Mother. I love you. Thank you for calling me here. Thank you for showing me the way. Thank you for generously revealing the divine surprises I will soon receive.

Om Namah Shivaya

I am so excited to already have plans to return to the jungle! Who's joining me here in February as I teach yoga for TribeWire Nosara REWILD RETREAT?!

I invite you to join me in Nosara, and share my journey and what nature has been teaching me @fernolivia and on Facebook.

Nature, continued...

In October, you'll find me deep in Malibu, Los Angeles for some incredible yoga and sound experiences before I head to Bondi Beach, Australia in November for the next Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner Training, where we will dive deep into practices inspired by nature's medicine cabinet! Tour dates, events, and experiences await you here.

I am so excited to meet you!