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Essential Oils for Those Morning "Feels"

Lately, we've been getting REALLY excited about essential oils! They are such a useful tool in giving our bodies the care it deserves no matter what physical, mental, or emotional state we might find ourselves in. Essential oils can *essentially* help with many of our health and wellness needs.

Yoga Wake Up believes that we can use essential oils to help aid and/or change any mental, emotional, or physical feelings we might have on any given morning. Feeling tired or cranky? There's an oil for that. Feeling energized and maybe a little too antsy? There's something for that too!

We know how powerful these essential oils can be in changing perspective. That's why we have come up with a list of oils we think will benefit each of your mornings "feels".

*Please note that essential oils can be extremely potent and we recommend consulting with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using oils*

1. Calming- Lavender

Oftentimes, we might find ourselves waking up with a huge to-do list thinking, "how am I going to get all this done today?" More often than not, starting the day with these feelings of anxiousness and/or impatience, can cause anxiety and hinder productivity levels. Lavender has wonderful calming and soothing effects. Try using lavender essential oil to combat those negative "feels" right when you wake up.

2. Energizing- Grapefruit

How often do we wake up tired? Either from staying up too late or having a restless night's sleep, it's a constant struggle. Grogginess and lethargy can come in all different shapes and sizes. To battle these "feels" from spoiling your day ahead, we recommend a grapefruit essential oil for the diffuser. Rise and energize into your morning the right way with the uplifting qualities that this citrus fruit has to offer! You can also try a adding basil essential oil to give it an extra invigorating "oomph"!

3. Travel- Frankincense

Traveling can be really taxing on the body and the mind. From all of the the illnesses you might be exposed to and the stress travel can bring into your system, frankincense is an amazing essential oil to bring in your carry-on. It has the power to eliminate feelings of stress, fatigue, headaches, and is a great source to help boost your immune system!

4. Confidence- Jasmine

Do you wake up some mornings and feel a little too soft-spoken? Like, for some reason, your confidence levels feel wonky and you're not 100% "feeling yourself"? Try using jasmine as a way to boost your sense of self-worth and find more expression through your voice! Jasmine is known as an aphrodisiac which can help promote feelings of confidence and aid in the strengthening of intimacy and relationships.

It's super important to pay close attention to the quality of the essential oils you are using, which is why we love Saje Natural Wellness, a Vancouver-based company takes great care in sourcing the best oils and recently made its way to the states. Saje has all-of-the-above oils and many proprietary blends, each serving unique needs.

The co-founder of Yoga Wake Up, Lizzie Brown, offers you her Saje Essential Oils Favorites:

"I love almost all the blends I've had the opportunity to try but my favorites are tied for first - Goddess and Cloud Nine. While both are floral-y, they're also subtle, clean and citrus-y so they don't feel overpowering. I also LOVE neroli essential oil, which is in both blends, and ylang ylang, which is in Cloud Nine.

Tantra has an amazing sensual, decadent scent.

Finally, the subtle Rain Forest blend is woodsy and perfect for everyday so we just keep the diffuser running in the living room with that one all the time!"

*Comment below with your favorite essential oils and blends!*