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Yoga Wake Up For The Traveling Yogi

Traveling? Bring Yoga Wake Up With You!

By Callie Morrocco

Yoga Wake Up has proved to be a great tool for the yogis on the go. If you’re living a busy life, and travel a lot for work (or play), Yoga Wake Up is the perfect travel companion!

Traveling is such a remarkable thing. It brings new adventures into our lives and gives us the opportunity to learn about different cultures and values. However, it can also leave the body feeling tight and the mind feeling stressed. This is why we decided to compile a list of our 7 most useful wakeups for the traveling yogi. We've incorporated meditation, enlivening flows, and gentle resets to give you a wide variety of wakeups to choose from for those varying emotions we get when we travel.

We believe all of our wakeups are fantastic, but these are specifically great for travel:

1. “Center & Connect Meditation” with Maria Borghoff

This practice focuses on grounding you within yourself & preparing you for a day of meaningful connections.

2. “Muladhara Meditation” with Ali Owens

This chakra connects us to Mother Nature and our basic survival needs. When this chakra is balanced, we feel stable, supported and grounded in our everyday lives.

3. “Root Down to Rise Up” with Angela Jean Weber

This simple sequence will get you grounded, present and connected to the space around you by utilizing mindful movement and breath. You will feel strong, stable and ready to rise up to whatever challenges the day has in store for you.

4. “Get Ready to Tackle the Day” with Nichol Chase

In this energizing practice, Nichol will get your breath and body moving and your blood pumping. It starts with some simple movement leading up to Sun Salutation A and ends with standing poses that will help to ground you, empower you and get you ready to tackle the day!

5. “Awaken Your Core” with Sarah Beston

Sarah guides us in a quick heating sequence to ignite our inner fire by building abdominal strength and activating our core muscles. This practice inspires increased stability and stamina. You will feel energized, strong and awake.

6. “Power Wake Up” with Maeve McCaffrey

This power wakeup is a perfect way to start the day mindfully, strong and proud of your physical and spiritual body. Allow Maeve's calming voice to ease you on to your feet for a gradually invigorating flow that provides you with balance and strength for the rest of the day.

7. “Reggae Reset” with Arielle McFadden

Let Arielle McFadden WAKE YOU UP with an invigorating reggae flow you can do right in your bed! This is a full body and nervous system re-set so you can start your day completely fresh: from the inside out!

We hope these wakeups leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever travel plans you have in store! DOWNLOAD the app here to and SUBSCRIBE to get the full Yoga Wake Up experience.