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Rituals are Habits Made Holy with Fern Olivia Langham


I like to say that rituals are habits made holy.

Rituals are part of your life so holy that no matter how busy you are, you are creating every moment a sensual experience - because trust me, I’ve been known to be one of the busiest women in Los Angeles. If I can do this, so can you.

As a very sensual woman, my favorite ritual is to adorn my senses.

For me, adorning my senses may be massaging kale and romancing the textures and colors, chanting mantra as I drive or singing Tracy Chapman “All That You Have Is Your Soul” as I run along the ocean, practicing candlelit yoga before bed, or loving my body and all her curves with a loving self-massage. Whenever I am out of balance, I know intuitively how to find my way back home. Through my rituals, I have tapped into my own inner wisdom and developed my sensory system to know my body better than anyone else ever would.

The sense of smell is for me, the most powerful and easiest to weave into my day.

Using essential oils to adorn myself for a sensory experience in every moment, I invite every moment to create a purpose and feel joyful - even sitting in traffic!

It’s making a statement: “I’m grateful to take care of myself because I care about myself.”

I made a blend called Grace Alchemy which has been touted or having aphrodisiac effects and “smells like love.” What better way to cultivate a deeper self love and appreciation than to adorn yourself in sensual oils that make you want to romance yourself?

Essential oils activate the senses, create new memories and feelings, and stimulate you to feel beautiful about all areas of your life. As part of my daily ritual, I apply my power love scent to my chakra points first thing in the morning, before meetings and client sessions, and as I settle into bed as a reminder that I am a sacred, special soul so worthy of my love and attention.

Romancing yourself can be the most decadent gift you give yourself.

After years of struggling against my body and Hashimoto’s hypothyroid condition, I began experimenting with essential oils. I was intrigued when I became attuned to the incredible healing potential of nature's medicine cabinet.

At the worst of my symptoms—sluggishness, constant bloating and all-over puffiness, digestive pain, and mental fogginess—I was on a significant dose of thyroid medication, taking up to 175 mcg of Synthroid daily. I had already said farewell to processed foods, gluten, refined sugars, and any ingredients made in a laboratory. However, even with this healthy lifestyle and high dose of thyroid hormone, I still felt awful even though my tests "looked fine."

To wean off the high dose that didn't seem to be helping me feel better, I decided to give essential oils a try. I was astounded by how effectively they brought me back into balance and cleared up the symptoms I had been struggling with for so long.

I began to apply essential oils each morning on my thyroid (base of neck) and adrenals (lower back) as well as the thyroid and adrenal reflexology points on my feet. In the evenings, I applied the oils to the bottoms of my feet, massaging my feet with essential oils and coconut oil on the thyroid and parathyroid points. I noticed an astounding change in how I was feeling!

Our ancestors have used plants, seeds, wood, and resins from nature for thousands of years to heal the body while also positively affecting our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. Happily, in more modern times we don't have to forage in the forest anymore because we're blessed with the convenience of a little glass bottle brimming with pure, healing essential oils.

My all organic botanical apothecary, Ajai Alchemy, was birthed to harness the properties of plant-based essential oils and their power to work synergistically with our bodies as catalysts for accelerated healing, as well as to enhance the mind, psyche, and the spirit.

Everything in my line is lovingly created with the intention to activate your own brilliance, vibrancy, and power. I charge my products through a sacred Ajai Alai Mantra, an ancient sound current that inspires radiance. Each alchemy also comes with a beautiful special affirmation card to recite as part of your Sadhana, or daily ritual.

Sadhana is a must for me, and it’s a pillar that I talk about in my Thyroid Yoga® courses. It's a non-negotiable holy practice that reminds me that I am worthy before I go out into the world!

Intrigued about Thyroid Yoga®, functional fragrances, and rituals for sensuality? You're invited to join me on August 29 & 30th at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC for ritual design consultations, aromatherapy, and yoga classes to bring harmony to your mind and body! RSVP here and use the code YOGAWAKEUP for $10 off your admission.