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International Yoga day with the Yoga Wake Up Team

June 21, 2017 marked International Yoga Day, a celebration that is thankfully increasing in popularity. It's so rewarding to see the Instagram feeds of so many amazing yogis, companies and individuals taking part in this day in their own way. In Los Angeles alone, there were many events from Sunrise yoga with Wanderlust and Adidas to fun classes at the Alo Yoga store. And if you didn't partake in person, hopefully you did a Yoga Wake Up to start your day, like we did!

Here are a handful of ways our yogis and team celebrated! Share yours in the comments!

Ali Owens | @alikathrine

"I started my day a lot like I usually do, with a 45-min home practice followed by 15 or 20 minutes of meditation. I gave myself an Ayurvedic "Abiyanga" oil massage. Later I got some work in and made sure to spend some time outside and in the evening my husband and I made dinner together and spent sometime connecting with our baby girl, who is due to arrive any day now!"

Teigh McDonough-Gilson | @tblissyogi

"I got up super early (like 5:45 a.m.!), meditated and practiced affirmative prayer before my family work up. I then went and taught a 7:30 a.m. 'Yoga Booty Ballet' class, a combo of meditation, dance and yoga. It was an incredibly joyful way to begin the day because I love all of these things! Then we went to LegoLand."

Sophie Jaffe | @sophie.jaffe

"I spent International Yoga Day with my mom in her FIRST EVER yoga class! We laughed hysterically, connected intimately and experienced pure joy!"

Lizzie and Joaquin Brown | @yogawakeup

"We woke up with Ali Owens' Three Tokens of Gratitude at 6:30 a.m. It was a big day for us because we had a 10-hour shoot scheduled with a bunch of our teachers - you will see these images soon on our Instagram profile! We went for a bike ride later that day and recorded wakeups by Cornelius Jones in the evening. He stuck around for dinner - home-cooked fish, broccolini and gazpacho. It was a really relaxing, peaceful end to a packed *fun* workday."

Marielle Ebersol | @brighteyesyogini

"I started the morning with a 4 a.m. wake up call so that I could go practice downtown with Adidas in a beautiful class led by two of my favorites Mary Beth LaRue and Chelsey Korus. Practicing under the glow of the moon as the sun came up being serenaded by East Forest was a pretty magical way to start off the summer and celebrate International Yoga Day. So eternally grateful for this practice which continues to teach me so much."

Arielle McFadden | @arimarie5

"I celebrated by going to Gratitude and then a yoga class at Alo before teaching my evening flow at Sweatheory."

Jen Smith I @prophetjen

"I spent International Yoga day in full gratitude because not only have I just pushed through a major transition (new home, new job) but I realized I am doing this in a community of yogis who understand and have open hearts and can let me vent, let me sing, let me dance, and cry with full acceptance. I spent the day with a few teacher friends as we are working on a project together. We got to brainstorm, write, share and express ideas for most of the day. It was pure bliss."

Sarah Ezrin | @sarahezrinyoga

"I spent International Yoga Day doing what I love most: teaching and uplifting people at an incredible event for Athleta in downtown San Francisco, going to Soulcycle (the yoga of cardio), and taking my teacher Annie Carpenter's class."