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5 Things to let go of in Your Pursuit of Happiness

"Happiness cannot be ‘found’ as it is not outside of ourselves. Once this is realized, we can release the need to look for anything outside of ourselves in order to simply BE happy." -Miki Ash

1. Let go of the need to be right

This can be particularly challenging to the ego, since we each live in a world that revolves around ourselves. We have grown up with the phrase, ‘My way or the highway’ engrained into our psyche, and now it’s time to let it go. Rather than puffing out your chest next time you’re in a debacle with someone, consider letting the entire thing go, with ease and a smile, and walking away. The strength and power that comes from releasing these harsh grips are enlivening!

2. Let go of the past

The past, while it has shaped who we are in this moment, is long gone. It is behind us, merely a story we tell ourselves over and over. And in time, this story often changes, as the pictures fade away. We hold on to what once was, out of fear that the future wont be as pleasant as we remember our yesterdays to be. But that past is over and done, and can never be changed, and it is impossible to move forward if you are always looking back.

3. Let go of blame

“He,” “She,” “it” did it to me. How often do you find yourself pointing to others as cause for the root of your issues? This is one of the most common things I see. Blame allows us to play the victim, so that we wouldn’t have to take responsibility for creating the things we don’t like in our lives. But there is power and immeasurable joy in taking back that responsibility and fully realizing that no one else can ever make you feel a certain way without your consent. Emotions are merely a creation of the mind, and no one can tell your own mind what to create. So let go of the finger pointing, and take back the reins of your happiness.

4. Let go of fear

Fear is the ultimate cause of all unhappiness. It has stopped me from pursuing my dreams many times over. It is gripping and all encompassing… if you let it be. One of my favorite ways to break down fear is through this acronym : False Evidence Appearing Real.

That’s just it! Fear is a figment of our imagination, and we give it so so much power, and we hold on to it, and we grip it so tightly that our knuckles turn white and our faces turn red and our breath might even stop. So close your eyes, and picture yourself holding a bunch of balloons, each one representing a different fear. For a moment, let yourself be utterly scared. FEEL EVERYTHING. Squeeze your hand as tightly as you can around those balloons, take a huge breath in and hold it at the top…… and then open your hand as you exhale and LET GO! Release all those fears back out into the atmosphere, for you do not need them anymore.

5. Let go of shame

Shame is, unfortunately, something we have been collecting through society’s consciousness for decades. We carry the shame of our ancestors, without even realizing it. Our society places shame on the people we choose to love, or how we choose to love them. We are shamed for our bodies, what they look like, and what we do to them, or what others have done to us. The time has come for all of us to release that guilt that we have been dragging behind us, or bearing down on our shoulders. You are already perfect, and you don't have to have anyone else’s approval to know that.

*You are loved, you are supported, even if you cant see it right now. Trust me when I say that the entire Universe has your back! You have to L E T G O in order to receive. So make it a daily practice. Notice when you get caught up in your reactions and emotions, and make the conscious decision to let them go.