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Making Meditation a Daily Practice

We hear about it everyday (or at least I do living in LA and working in wellness). STRESS! What is causing it and how do we let go of it? If you asked me how I handle stress, I would tell you I am generally happy and relaxed. That said, I find that my body often is saying something different. I tend to hold my stress in my physical body - my shoulders, neck and hips, indicating that like many others in today’s world, I have stress accumulating that I need to let go.

At Yoga Wake Up we mostly have offerings of morning wakeup instruction – this means gentle stretching and empowering movement or breathwork to ease you out of bed peacefully. The trick is the wakeups need to actually wake you up! We released Missy Kai’s “Relaxing into Awareness” wakeup last week and found that although it was not the best option straight from bed, it was such a wonderful meditation that we still wanted to offer to our subscribers. Meditation should not put you to sleep but rather bring you into awareness. We recommend this wakeup be done mid-morning after you have already begun your day or really anytime throughout the day.

And that’s what I did. I put myself on a 7-day challenge to assist with my personal meditation goal of a daily practice. So, how did I do and what did I feel?

On the first day I fell in love with this meditation. I was excited to do it everyday and set my wakeup for 10 a.m. for the rest of week. Immediately following my first time listening, I felt relaxed, clear-headed and more introspective, like I knew the secret to the meaning of life. I did the meditation at the office and felt super focused immediately after. I could get used to this.

I wish I could say I stuck with it through the holiday weekend but I was distracted and felt “too busy”. I started back Tuesday and have consistently done it everyday since. I feel like I am dropping in to a meditative state more easily and while I haven’t seen the long-term benefits of a daily practice just yet, I am inspired to keep going!

If you haven’t given it a try, or if you have but want to try something different, listen to Missy Kai’s “Relaxing into Awareness” and share your experience with us! For the month of June, track your progress on your profile page. Check out my MAY below. Work for 7 days in a row. At the end of the month whoever has used Yoga Wake Up most in a month will win a Philosophie superfoods starter pack – that’s all three blends, 4 oz. each, to further create your perfect morning.

To enter to win, simply share a screenshot of your profile page on Friday, June 30 via Twitter. Be sure to tag @yogawakeup and #MyJuneMeditations. We will send you motivation along the way! We’re in this together!

Note: If you aren't a subscriber, you can still play! Just wakeup with any wakeups you would like and try to keep it up every morning! The winner will have used the app the most in a month.

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