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The Art of Finding Gratitude

The Art of Finding Gratitude

“The first step in this process of mindful awareness is radical self-acceptance” -Stephen Batchelor

Do you ever get the feeling that you are just not enough? You’re not attractive enough, smart enough, or spiritually enlightened enough? Have you ever considered taking a step back and truly working on yourself to find gratitude for all the unique things you bring to this world?

We have created a list of 5 ways to help you cultivate more gratitude in your life, find self-acceptance, and stop worrying and start living.

1. Journal

Our minds tend to fall into these circular patterns. More often than not, they are negative spirals, letting all of our insecurities and thoughts of self-doubt weigh us down. This happens, and suddenly we realize that we are unhappy, suffering in our own minds.

Journaling is one of the most important things we can do to help break this nasty cycle. When we take a moment to turn inward, our subconscious starts to expose itself. Putting pen to paper can help you find all of the things that naturally need to bubble to the surface, giving way to our negative thoughts, emotions, and fears. Once we realize they were there and give them a chance to expel from our minds, we can suddenly feel emotionally healthy and try and work through these mental blocks that cause us suffering.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to help others. We should constantly be striving to offer assistance to those who need it. This could be anything! If you are good with money, look to see if there is a nonprofit looking for financial help. If you are skilled in public relations, look for an organization that needs help in that field. Simply put, if you have a skill and want to use it for the greater good, seek out groups who need it.

Not only will you be supporting a cause in need, you will be tending to the fire of your own self-worth. When we help others, we feel like we matter. When we see that we can be useful, we start to find gratitude in ourselves.

3. Find Hobbies

Similarly to volunteering, finding hobbies that let creative juices flow can help build up our self-worth. Eventually, sifting through different hobbies, we find things that we excel at.

When you go to a yoga class, do you ever compare your pose to someone else’s? This is because we constantly obsess over the things that we are not good at. When we find hobbies that matter to us, and that help us find our passions in life (or simply things that we are good at), we pave way for more positive perceptions of ourselves. This can help us cultivate more gratitude for our skills and mental abilities and stimulate positive thoughts of self-worth.

4. Maintain Relationships

Creating and maintaining the relationships in our lives is something so vital to our wellbeing as a human race. We all need connection. Preserving these connections tends to show us who we really are and process this outside of ourselves.

Surrounding ourselves with people that lift us up, have positive energy, and generally make us feel good about our feelings and ourselves is extremely important in the process of cultivating abundance and gratitude. When we see how we affect others, this shows us that we can be loved and are loved. Feeling loved by others sparks the fire of self-love and self-acceptance.

5. Meditate

Meditation is similar to journaling but can also be very different. While meditation is also an outlet for negative emotional cycles, we tend to work through these cycles by bringing more awareness to them versus trying to get rid of them altogether.

Have you ever felt self-conscious or upset about something that is irreversible? Meditation can give you the tools and the courage to find acceptance within yourself, despite it.

*If you’re having trouble getting into meditation, we have many Wake Ups on our app that are meditation based. In particular, check out Maeve McCaffrey’s “Gratitude Wake Up” that will help you cultivate a gratitude practice from bed. Through this meditation, she will teach you to honor your body and mind and inspire you to listen carefully to yourself.

Yoga Wake Up encourages you to practice these 5 things on weekly or even daily basis. In time, you will feel happier, brighter, and more confident about who you are and what you’re capable of!